• Hazardous Waste Module & Mobile App Launch

    Innovative Asbestos Compliance Management

    A proactive paperless site management solution to track and report on compliance requirements, meeting asbestos regulations and promoting best practice by contractors.

    Maintaining personnel, equipment and job records, Tracker delivers sizeable administrative cost savings.
  • Software as a Service

    Environmental Data Management

    Industry faces the challenge of managing and reporting environmental impacts.

    Tracker is an effective solution to track and report all environmental aspects including; Atmospheric Emissions, Water Sampling, Chemicals and Waste Management.
  • Stay One Step Ahead

    Proactive Performance Monitoring

    Constructing reports need not be a time-consuming chore.

    Tracker assembles the relevant information at the touch of a button, leaving you free to focus on environmental and performance improvement.
  • Data Mining Made Easy

    One Central Data Hub

    Managing data from multiple sources can lead to increased risk and costly mistakes, Tracker integrates with existing systems to act as a central hub, reducing risk and increasing productivity.

Health, Safety and Environmental Responsibility

The cornerstone of best practice for modern companies, corporations and government organisations. Constantly evolving legislation with stringent limitations are extremely high risk to manage manually, can be time-consuming and error prone. That's where our web-based environmental data management and compliance solution, Tracker, can help.

Managing impacts associated with Asbesos & Hazardous Waste, Oil & Gas, Water Management, Chemicals and Air Quality - understanding your industry and environmental challenges is Tracker's core function.

Users of the Tracker Solution can expect to benefit not only from confidence and trust in fully auditable and secure records, but also a vast reduction in paper, administration, storage and management with visibility and ease of access to key records, compliance and permit information.

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Demonstrate Commitment to
Best Practice

    Real-Time Interactive Reporting
     Proactive Management Report Scheduling
      Extensive Data Mining Made Easy
      Workforce Competence & Performance Management
      Automated Alerts, Notifications & Warnings
      Certification, Consent & Permit Management
      Benchmarking & Forecasting
      Seamless Integration with Legislative Portals
  • Eliminate the Need for Pen and Paper
  • Eliminate the Need for Pen and Paper

    Available on any Apple iOS, Windows or Android mobile operating platform, Tracker Mobile Sync eliminates the challenges presented by multiple sites, field work and information sources facilitating both on and offline working.

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